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[NSFW] Love Locked pt17: A stoke of genius (NSFW)
(Get it? A stroke of genius? Cuz he’s jacking off? Ok I’ll see myself out... 😫😭)

I scrolled through my phone looking for any good 'material'. School girl crush gives you a blowjob in class? No, maybe swimming pool sex? Nah, maybe a handjob in a storage closet? Fuck no what the hell? Sex in the fitting rooms?! Fuck this shit, what the actual fuck, is PornHub stalking me now? I threw my phone on the floor and thought maybe my imagination will just have to do all the hard work, so I laid down on the sofa in a comfortable position and started mindlessly stroking myself.

Big tits, round ass, definitely a brunette, Liv has made me sick of Blondes, I can't even get hard from thinking about her. Maybe brown eyes too? Soft, kind, gentle but sexy.

Shit, this is good, I continued pumping myself with pleasure, milking out my fantasies.

I would fuck her hard, but tease her by suddenly going slow, and pushing her to her limits until she begs for more, her skin, her lips, long hair I could pull—


I clenched my teeth and squeezed out all the stresses in my life into a tissue. "Fuck…" I whispered, my post nut clarity kicked in and I collapsed back onto the sofa as soon as the used tissue landed in the bin.

I jacked off to having sex with Aya.

“What the fuck is wrong with me.”

Alright, I shouldn't be a dick tomorrow, I'll prove to Aya how fucking amazing I would be if I were her boyfriend, and that starts with getting her a gift. I stood up from the sofa, washed my hands, put my shoes on and walked to the nearest shop selling flowers. I glanced around the outside of the shop at first, trying my best not to look obvious. I took a deep breath and walked straight into the flower shop, everything was so colourful… It was like walking through a room made out of rainbows, and the smell… Not too pungent, not too weak, but just strong enough to evoke emotions you never thought you had just from one sniff.

Okay, now I get why girls are crazy about this flower shit. Which is all the more reason why I need to think more on what flowers I should get for her. "Roses? Nah too cliche. Maybe a mix of some random ones that smell good…" Since I'm a complete and utter dumbass, I didn't realize I was mumbling this to myself out loud and an elderly woman approached me. "I think she'd love tulips!" I jumped from her suddenness and she howled into a fit of laughter.

"Grandma?!" My jaw dropped, why the fuck is she here right now. "Harry~ I didn't know you had a girlfriend?"

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