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LOG 2 13/1/34 (Hunnain)
"Oh screw this, I'm running," Hunnain clenched her teeth and used all the power in her year 7 cross country legs and sprinted out of the petrol station, leaving her car to be crushed by the creature's behemoth of a leg.

"Wh- What the hell?!" The spherical creature lifted its leg from the now destroyed car and once again moved it to her location, ready to crush her. She shrieked and quickly slid away from its grasp, she ran away and hid behind a nearby shopping district. Its heavy footsteps echoed around the area as it scanned its surroundings to find her. Hunnain went to this area on purpose though, she had plans to meet up with someone.
Already out of breath Hunnain had finally made it to the McDonald's restaurant Scott asked her to meet up at (get it because his last name is MacDonald please don't kill me Scott 🤤😫).

Not even looking behind her she dashed through the doors and looked up to see Scott sitting on the table near the window looking at his phone.

"Scoooooott~~!!!" Hunnain ran open armed to Scott greeting him with a bear hug but then stopped by a finger being flicked at her forehead.

"Keep your voice down, we could've been killed by one of those gigantic mechanical spiders crawling around." He sighed, not surprised by Hunnain's sudden affection.
"Oww-- Ok sorry… But what are those things? One of them crushed my car with one of its legs, it could've killed me!"

"Well I think- wait what the hell are you wearing??" Scott's eyes went wide looking Hunnain up and down in her outfit.
"It's a looong story that I don't have time to explain…"
"I get that, but seriously, a clown costume? That's what you've resorted to working as? A clown?" Scott was in disbelief.

"Forget about it, also these monsters might be the reason why there's no one in Stourbridge right now. I mean, I thought they got you too, Hunnain…" Scott looked at Hunnain with a worried expression.

"Ah don't worry about me! I overslept for my shift at work and by the time I made it to the house; no one was there, but there was a large puddle of blood and above it looked like those monsters used those claws of theirs and-"

"-grabbed the person right where they stood," Scott finished Hunnain's sentence,"Although it might be hard to believe; do you think they've wiped out the planet completely?"

"Well that could be a possibility…" Hunnain shuddered at the thought of being one of the last people on Earth. "But who knows, there could still be a small number of other survivors like you and me, maybe we just need to find them."

"Optimistic as always," Scott chuckled, it was nice for him to meet an old friend after so long, especially if everyday might be their last. "Anyway we should get going, maybe those 'other survivors' have already taken all the food and supplies we're gonna need to stay alive." Hunnain nodded as Scott stood up and Hunnain followed after him out of the now empty McDonald's.

(Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, the whole club, was looking at her)
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