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LOG 4 5/4/34
"He's dead he has to be" someone said.

"no look he's waking up" another jumped in.

He glanced around at unfamiliar faces all of them showing different emotions. 
"you took down that walker" an old man he smiled and a thousand wrinkles moved as he did.

"It was pretty stupid you know blowing up that thing" A woman looked at him with a frown 

"while you were on top of it." a small boy with shaggy hair and dirty clothes seemed unamused

The man sat up and jumped out of his bed causing great pain because of the burns. He darted out the small house and looked at the wreckage there houses were damaged the ground was greatly ruptured and distorted and in the centre of the village was the corpse of the great beast the hull was ripped apart the eye was popped and burst the flesh was burnt and the legs were falling apart and broken.

"hey, hey" "what are you doing?" the old man was stood behind him
"and whats your name?"

do you have a car here?"

the old man replied aprehensivley "yes we have a few"

"I need one to get to kiddiminster"

"ill give you one just don't tell the others"

The two mean snuck behind one of the buildings where an old van was positioned.
"It has half a tank of fuel theres also a makeshift spear and a medkit in the back"

"I cant thank you enough"

the old man looked at the ground in sorrow "I was in kidderminster when it all started i watched my own son get killed by a creature with 100 hands on it's back"

"I'd hate that to be your fate"

"I'm sorry"

"don't be"

"get going now anyway you should try and get there before sundown so you can find a safe place to sleep"

Oscar got in the car the rusty gear stick clanked when it moved and the engine was loud and clunky. His dog jumped in the back.

He left for kidderminster. scared. but he needed more medical supplies.
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