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  Love Locked pt17: A stoke of genius (NSFW)
Posted by: LongDongSilver - 09-04-2022, 12:58 PM - Forum: Romance - No Replies

(Get it? A stroke of genius? Cuz he’s jacking off? Ok I’ll see myself out... 😫😭)

I scrolled through my phone looking for any good 'material'. School girl crush gives you a blowjob in class? No, maybe swimming pool sex? Nah, maybe a handjob in a storage closet? Fuck no what the hell? Sex in the fitting rooms?! Fuck this shit, what the actual fuck, is PornHub stalking me now? I threw my phone on the floor and thought maybe my imagination will just have to do all the hard work, so I laid down on the sofa in a comfortable position and started mindlessly stroking myself.

Big tits, round ass, definitely a brunette, Liv has made me sick of Blondes, I can't even get hard from thinking about her. Maybe brown eyes too? Soft, kind, gentle but sexy.

Shit, this is good, I continued pumping myself with pleasure, milking out my fantasies.

I would fuck her hard, but tease her by suddenly going slow, and pushing her to her limits until she begs for more, her skin, her lips, long hair I could pull—


I clenched my teeth and squeezed out all the stresses in my life into a tissue. "Fuck…" I whispered, my post nut clarity kicked in and I collapsed back onto the sofa as soon as the used tissue landed in the bin.

I jacked off to having sex with Aya.

“What the fuck is wrong with me.”

Alright, I shouldn't be a dick tomorrow, I'll prove to Aya how fucking amazing I would be if I were her boyfriend, and that starts with getting her a gift. I stood up from the sofa, washed my hands, put my shoes on and walked to the nearest shop selling flowers. I glanced around the outside of the shop at first, trying my best not to look obvious. I took a deep breath and walked straight into the flower shop, everything was so colourful… It was like walking through a room made out of rainbows, and the smell… Not too pungent, not too weak, but just strong enough to evoke emotions you never thought you had just from one sniff.

Okay, now I get why girls are crazy about this flower shit. Which is all the more reason why I need to think more on what flowers I should get for her. "Roses? Nah too cliche. Maybe a mix of some random ones that smell good…" Since I'm a complete and utter dumbass, I didn't realize I was mumbling this to myself out loud and an elderly woman approached me. "I think she'd love tulips!" I jumped from her suddenness and she howled into a fit of laughter.

"Grandma?!" My jaw dropped, why the fuck is she here right now. "Harry~ I didn't know you had a girlfriend?"

Heart Love Locked pt16: It’s a date!
Posted by: LongDongSilver - 09-04-2022, 12:53 PM - Forum: Romance - No Replies

"You use commas and full stops in your texts?!" They all yell at the same time. I gave them a puzzled look, "Isn't it polite?" Ethan shrieked, "What? No! You don't even do that with us, actually, you do sound really serious in texts with us too… but you need to open up to her more and show actual human emotions!" He's right, but I do use the occasional laughing emoji…  "It's just how my parents taught me to speak." I guess they are pretty old to be teaching me internet texting advice. "Ugh Harry, your parents are ancient, I hope you don't rely on them for dating advice too…" Ethan replied.


Huh? Someone texted me. "Quick quick! Check if it's her!" They all huddled around me as I unlocked my phone to check the message. 'Yeah I'm free and that sounds like fun! You can pick the movie so just text me what time you wanna meet! See you tomorrow xx 😘♥️♥️' They all looked at my phone with the same shocked faces, "That… worked…?" I mumbled. "That worked!" They shout at each other, squeezing together in a hug even tighter than before in pure happiness and relief. "Oh my god I can't believe it, she even sent you a kissy face emoji! When did she start doing that?!" Tyler asked. "Uh well, she usually texts me three love hearts whenever she has to go so… maybe it was an accident?"

"She's giving you hints mate, actually do you know any pick up lines? Do a little bit of light flirting~" Ugh, I hate pick-up lines, like how the fuck do you bring them up in conversation without being awkward as hell about it? "He should use the shoulder one! I used it and it worked like a charm~” Ethan winked, hinting towards his girlfriend that he’s still somehow going out with, “Look, I’ll give you a demonstration.” He slid next to Seiji on the bed and put a hand through his hair, “Hey, let’s count shoulders.” He then used his right arm to count his shoulders, starting from his left shoulder and then all the way across to Seiji’s. “One, two, three, four~” He snaked his arm around Seiji, whilst giving him his iconic flirtatious smile.

Everyone else “Ooh”ed at his technique and cheered him on, “Impressive~” Seiji laughed. Seriously, I have to do this embarrassing shit? I gave him a long sigh as a response, “Oh c’mon Harry, trust me it’ll work~” Right, definitely not just you trying to make me do creepy shit to Aya. "I'll use it if I have to." I replied. Ethan waved as I left Tyler's place, "Tell us how the date goes!" I nodded and walked back to my house, unlocking the door, and letting myself in. The house was silent, it’s always been like that. My parents are both workaholics and only come back home to eat dinner and then go out to fancy restaurants with friends at night, then they finally come back home to sleep, and cycle repeats.

I do have an older brother though, but Simon’s too busy studying medicine in University to even respond to my texts. My parents have always thought of him as the better child, smarter, kinder, more responsible, he's excelling in every aspect, but me? I'm nothing but a rebellious brat to them, all because I don't wanna waste my life trying to become something I'm not. I took my shoes off, put my jacket on a coat hanger, heated up some leftovers from the fridge and watched whatever was on TV. Trying not to think about anything is hard, I need a distraction. This movie sucks anyway, I'm pretty sure everyone just watches it for the sex scenes. Wait, when was the last time I jerked off?

Tongue Love Locked pt15: Harry’s DMs
Posted by: LongDongSilver - 09-04-2022, 12:46 PM - Forum: Romance - No Replies

“I thought it was just gonna be the two of us.” I glared at Tyler who laughed and said, “I slipped up and maybe kinda told them about this meetup…” Tyler texted me yesterday saying that he was gonna ‘help get me and Aya together’, and told me to go to his house so we could do some ‘research’, he obviously forgot about the three other people he also invited over. Ethan gave us his sad puppy eyes look and said, "It was me, I was the one who invited Seiji, so please don't blame him for coming over.” Seiji Kimura is Tyler's teammate in basketball, and generally a trustworthy guy, he's the quieter one in our group and a guy that people see as pure and innocent, especially the girls in our year.

“I already guessed that Ethan, I’m just surprised Daniel wasn't the one to tell me.” Daniel smirked and replied with, “Actually, I was the one who invited Ethan~” I whispered into Tyler’s ear that I was no longer surprised which gave me a snicker from him and Seiji who overheard. "Look, are we gonna help him or what?" Ethan whined impatiently. Tyler opened his laptop and searched for Aya's Instagram account, there was only one result with her name spelt correctly, I guess there's not as many Aya Clementos wandering around on the internet than I thought.

"Let's gooo! Thank God her account isn't private~" They all cheered Tyler on as he started scrolling through her posts, being careful not to like any. "Yikes, she hangs out with Maisie and Kasey? Boys, we've got two obstacles in our path…" Ethan shuddered at the thought of two guard dogs barking him away from Aya just by looking in her direction. Daniel grinned confidently and said, "How hard could they be? I bet I could pick Kasey up with only my pinky~" Seiji replied with, "But Maisie, she's gonna be a tough one to handle, I heard she threw a tennis racket at a guy who offered Aya an umbrella in the rain…" Daniel's face remained carefree as he remarked, "Siblings have incredibly large amounts of blackmail against each other, I'm sure I could handle her~"

The more Tyler scrolled the more curious I became. She's fun and honest and cares a lot about her friends, and she's all I'm gonna think about after this… "It looks like she's friends with my cousin too, you know Kiera don't you Ethan~?" Tyler nudged Ethan's shoulder, "Alright alright enough about my girlfriend, I’ll keep her eyes on me at all times.” It seems that her friends aren't gonna be too much of a problem so now comes the hard part... "So, what should they do on their date?" Seiji asked. "Well, me and Keira went shopping on our first date, I think it went pretty well~" Ethan smirked until Dan suddenly asked, "Didn't you say before that you two just started making out in the fitting rooms?" Everyone tried to hold back their laughter, I guess shopping is for a future date…

Ethan rolled his eyes and replied, "Piss off, I don't see you getting any ideas." Before Dan could give his usual sly remark, Seiji stopped the steadily growing argument, "H-how about watching a movie or going to the arcade, I know an Italian place nearby the cinema." Tyler sighed in relief that Ethan and Dan actually calmed down and started listening to Seiji's suggestion. "That's a great idea, Harry, ask if she's free tomorrow and prepare for your date~" I stared at my DM conversation with her. We've talked quite a lot now, face timing and voice messages scattered across our chat history. "Yeah, sure." I texted her 'Hey, are you free tomorrow to see a movie together? I'll pay for the snacks.' Everyone looked at me in pure horror, did that sound too forward?

Wink Love Locked pt14: Tie fight
Posted by: LongDongSilver - 09-04-2022, 12:39 PM - Forum: Romance - No Replies

It was rugby practice, and maybe the rumours are true that I ‘release some anger’ through these games from time to time, but I am actually passionate about the sport. Usually I imagine the ball as the head of someone I was currently thinking about, so I could pass the ball away from me and get them out of my mind. I couldn't concentrate when Aya was the person who distracted me from the game, how could I just throw her away? But I've already made it clear to her with that kiss after form that we aren't just ‘friends’, maybe I should stop making it look so obvious that I love her in public, that's a start.

I was still annoyed about yesterday and without thinking, passed the ball a little bit too hard to the person behind me as I heard a loud "Oomph!" and turned to see Daniel holding the ball to his chest lying on the grass. I immediately ran towards him and offered a hand up which he accepted as I said, "Sorry Dan I wasn't concentrating, you alright?" "Agh, yeah I'm good, but are you alright? This is the third time you've accidentally pushed someone over by just passing the ball… Someone on your mind~?" He smirked.

"Yeah, you're on my mind and I'm thinking of punching you if you keep bringing her up." Dan laughed and replied, "Calm down Hairy, I didn't say it was about her~"  I groaned and replied, "I just didn't get enough sleep last night alright?" Our coach blew the whistle and motioned us to come off the pitch to get changed. “Yeah and waking up from a wet dre—” “I’m gonna duct tape your mouth shut if you don't stop talking—” “Wait, isn't that Aya over there? She’s only wearing a swimsuit~” I held my hand over Daniel's mouth and quickly peeked through the window to see Aya walking to the changing rooms wearing a navy blue swimsuit. Shit, she spotted me! Ugh, the worst timing… Aya blushed and waved at me as I did the same and quickly ran to the changing rooms.

"Yo Tyler! How was the game?" Daniel patted the back of one of our less annoying friends, Tyler, captain of the basketball team. I don't frown as much when talking to him compared to other people. “Thrashed ‘em, obviously.” He laughed as he returned Dan’s fist bump and turned to greet me, “So, girl talk.” Oh for fucks sake. “Daniel, when I tell you to keep your mouth shut about her, I mean it.” Dan gurgled water in his mouth and swallowed, pointing at Ethan he replied, “Ethan told him, not me- I mean we both told him.” Ethan dragged his thumb across his own neck and closed his eyes, replicating what I'm gonna do to the both of them.

"It's not their fault Harry, I just wanna help and give you some relationship advice~" Tyler gave me his best 'I have completely innocent intentions' look and well, I gave into it, he might actually have some good advice… But he doesn't need to know that. I crossed my arms and gave him my 'serious stare' and said, "Go on then, let's hear it." Ethan's eyes went wide like he just realised something and quickly whispered into Tyler's ear, his eyes also widened in surprise. "Wait, you're not even dating?!" Dan collapsed onto the bench in a fit of laughter, Ethan winced at Tyler’s sudden shouting. Fuck, that's sounds bad doesn't it? I shoved all my clothes into my locker and slammed the door shut.

"Look, we can't- I can't just–” Tyler cut me off with a slightly angry tone, “You can't what? Be honest and tell her you love her?” Ethan and Daniel looked at each other awkwardly and got changed in silence. I scoffed and folded my arms, “You’re making it look like I'm the one in the wrong, any girl I date either only loves me for my looks or wants to use me for her own gain, who knows what Aya is.” Tyler slowly closed his locker door as I rested my hands by my side, I said too much, didn’t I? “Aya’s… different, isn't she Harry?” Tyler paused. “You know, when Aya said that speech about ‘getting to know new people’, I was hoping that she did that with you.” Tyler smiled, “You looked so happy with her, I know as your friends we’re the only ones who see you being yourself, but…” Tyler stopped.

“But what?” I asked, he walked up to me and put a hand on my shoulder, he chuckled to himself, “I know it’s stupid but, I’m kind of jealous of her.” Dan suddenly turned around to face him, “You’re gay?” Ethan burst out laughing as Tyler hit Dan over the head with his water bottle, “No you dickhead, I mean, we spent months with Harry and only just about got him to crack a smile, with Aya it’s all like ‘let’s snog on a field and give each other handjobs’, if only it were that easy…” I started laughing and whipped him with my tie. As we all got into a tie fight, one of the coaches walked in and shouted for us to hurry up and we quickly got changed to be first in the queue for lunch.

Shocked Love Locked pt13: They’re all just horny jocks
Posted by: LongDongSilver - 09-04-2022, 12:32 PM - Forum: Romance - No Replies

(Ok I know it’s been exactly 4 months since the last time I posted but I thought I’d post the next few parts for no reason 😩🥵)

(Harry's POV)
I regret making this decision. I turned to Aya as she tried to stop her friends from tearing my face off whilst saying things like “Let me at him Aya!” and “I'll scratch that stupid look off his face!” As I stopped my friends from bombarding Aya with uncomfortable questions like “So is there a naughty side to that good girl persona~?” and “You’re a member of the student council right? Think you could remove the rule against PDA~?”

Aya was getting tired of everyone arguing and shouted "EVERYONE STOP!" The two groups abruptly stopped talking and stared at Aya in surprise. "Look, I know that you've all probably got a lot of questions and I'll answer all of them if you just let me speak." At least I'm not the one who's talking, I'd end up in an ambulance with Aya's wild animals for friends.

"Harry and I just think it would be best for both of our groups to start hanging out together, I've seen many of you talk to each other before so why not at lunch or break? I know it will take quite a bit of time for us all to adapt to this new change, but I want us all to meet new people and experience new things together. Who knows, you might meet someone that you really like and want to spend more time with."

Everyone was mesmerised by Aya's speech, her smooth and relaxing voice, her confident tone, and a face that's easy on the eyes to stare at with her perfect smile-- Not that I think about her to that extent, she's just really really good at talking, and other things so to speak…

Our eyes met for a brief moment, I winked at her as a joke but Aya’s cheeks suddenly turned a bright pink colour and she quickly turned back to everyone, persuading them to talk to each other, and it somehow worked? All I did was wink at her, I guess she likes my hints of flirting without saying a word. Kasey then walked up to Aya and whispered to her just about loud enough for me to hear, "You didn't tell me that you were gonna do this yesterday!” “But look! Everyone's getting along great, what's the problem?”

Kasey sighed, “I know you're trying to get him to open up to everyone more by impressing all of his friends but that isn't gonna work. They're all just horny jocks flirting with girls like you to get you to like them but they don't even like you back!” “Kasey…” Aya frowned at Kasey as she got dragged off to one of the benches far from the group.

What the hell did I just hear?

They talked yesterday? About what? Does Kasey know about us? Who is she trying to impress? Is she gonna flirt with my friends? Why didn't she tell me about any of this? I stood still in shock as I felt a headache itching its way into my brain and I stopped thinking altogether. Shit… I don't wanna start an argument with her incase if I'm actually wrong, I'll just forget about it. Yeah, like I could.

  Shuttle One - The Thread
Posted by: SetAsync - 04-08-2022, 06:47 PM - Forum: Featured - No Replies

Shuttle One.
"We shall not talk about this."
[Image: Shuttle_1.png]

Shuttle Two:
@ Sco_411's version: COMING SOON/No Link
Animated Movie: COMING SOON

Shocked Love Locked pt12: Why the hell would you love him?!
Posted by: LongDongSilver - 04-05-2022, 08:38 PM - Forum: Romance - Replies (3)

(Aya's POV)
I stood behind my chair in form waiting to be let out of school, I’m skipping after school clubs for this… I walked through the busy corridor and spotted Harry talking with his friends, I smiled and waved at him but I suddenly felt myself being dragged away into one of the empty classrooms as my back hit the wall, our lips met for a quick but sweet kiss as my hands glided to his shoulders, and his to my waist. Harry tilted his head and smirked, "Did I scare you~?" This is the side of him I've never seen before… "You just caught me off guard, but I didn't mind that at all~" My face heated up in embarrassment, I've never flirted with a guy this much before, could it be like this everyday if we were actually dating?

"I wish I could walk you home but I've got another after school detention, I'll see you tomorrow?" "Yeah of course! Bye Harry~" I smiled and walked up to Kasey outside the school gates. “Hey Kasey, can we go to the park for a bit?” This is gonna be hard. “Oh Aya! Yeah sure, but I can’t stay for too long, I gotta go shopping with my Mom at 5 if that's alright.” I should keep it short anyway, who knows how much she's gotta say after I tell her. “Oh yeah that's fine, I just wanna talk to you about something.”

We walked to the park swings and I rehearsed what I was going to say in my head. “So, what did you wanna talk to me about?” Okay, here goes nothing… “Well, there's this guy I've been hanging out with a lot recently, and I think I'm really starting to umm, like, like him.” “Ooo~ Interesting~ Have you made a move on him yet? Or maybe even flirted?” We’ve definitely done more than flirting. “Let’s just say that we’ve passed third base more than once.” I’m not sure how much I should say. “C’mon~ Give me the details, I promise not to tell a soul.” She closed her eyes and put a hand on her chest, she better keep her word.

“We kissed like three times and I gave him a hand job.” I blurted out the words so fast my brain had to retrace its steps into what part of it made me say that. “WHAAAAT?!” Kasey shouted a little too loud, luckily not many people were in the park to hear. “Shhh! Kasey, keep it down!” She squealed quietly as I covered her mouth with my hand. “Are you for real?! Where?! When?! Why?! How?! And WHO?!” “Firstly, we kissed and I helped him with his 'problem' after I fell on top of him in an after school detention in one of the storage rooms, then we kissed in the field at the roller skating disco, we even kissed after I walked out of form a few minutes ago! And as for who… I’m not sure you’re gonna like who he is.”

“The disco… I heard two guys had a fight in the disco.” Kasey gave me a confused look and then gasped with her hands covering her mouth. “Wait, Harry?! You love Harry?! Why the hell would you love him?!” “I don’t know, okay?! I thought he was just an emotionless popular rugby player who picks fights and has a thousand girls lying at his feet but I was wrong.” Kasey rolled her eyes into the back of her head. “Ugh, come ooooon Aya! Do you seriously think that a guy like him is gonna be all sunshine and rainbows once you start dating? He might seem nice when you’re alone together but being around those friends of his- Cough Daniel cough cough- your relationship won't even last a single day.”

“But he’s—” “Oh and isn’t he dating Liv right now anyway? She’ll be pissed if she sees you even look in Harry's direction.” Ugh, why does the world have to go against us being together Harry? “I thought they broke up?” Kasey squinted her eyes at me before continuing her speech on ‘why I shouldn't date Harry’. “Hmm, yeah he would’ve dumped her by now, maybe he has, but that doesn't mean you should be with him instead yanno? You’ve got way too many responsibilities on your plate right now to date him anyway.” She’s right but, I can't give up just yet, break up or not I wanna give us a chance. “I really think we could make it work Kasey, can't you just support me through this? I really really do love him.”

Kasey pouted and crossed her arms thinking for a while before tightly grabbing onto my arm. “Okay okay! I’ll keep an eye on him but I know you’re the most loving and caring person in the entire world so maybe you can show that ‘good side’ of him to everyone.” I smiled and thanked her as we got off the swings and left the park. She always makes quick decisions like this but, I’ll make sure that she doesn’t regret making this one.

(Art of Kasey and Aya on the swings 😱😳)
[Image: 2CZL1NI1ECf1rAc2vczvMzZv0UDI2jb0qoA-RpRV...bU3PMABsFz]

Posted by: SetAsync - 02-10-2022, 09:09 PM - Forum: Other - No Replies

def x©:   return c.IsA("apology")
me.wait_for('message', check=x)

Continue = require(script.x)
X = {
for _,v in ipairs(x) do coroutine.wrap(v)() end

Posted by: SetAsync - 02-06-2022, 07:57 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

Should I carry on?
A: Yes
B: No

Heart Love Locked pt11: Aya's 'BFF'
Posted by: LongDongSilver - 02-04-2022, 09:44 PM - Forum: Romance - No Replies

At lunch I started to hang out with Aya more, just Aya. My friends didn't mind all too much but what about hers? Well, the majority of them were a bit whispery around us but one stood her ground whenever we met. Kasey Jackson, she's a stupid but talented gymnast who is the captain of the Gymnastics team, and you may think I'm being a pretty rude by calling her stupid but she admits that herself, it's a miracle she got into this school with her gymnastics ability alone, let's just say her year 6 SATs were the last exams she actually passed.

"Heyyy!" Kasey shouted, I thought she could read my mind for a second, "What's with you two having lunch together so much?" I rolled my eyes and turned to Aya as my excuse maker, "We're just talking about some school arrangements and the clubs, don't worry Kasey!" So, since she's got something against us, simply having lunch together, Kasey must be a 'BFF' then. Before we left to one of the benches I felt someone grab my shoulder, what’s Dan doing here?

“Heyyy Hairy~”
“Seriously? When was the last time you called me that? Year 3?”
“Haha year 2 actually, what's going on here anyways? Someone I need to beat up?”
“Not really, unless you're thinking of beating up Kasey.”
“Kasey?” Dan turned around to face her and oh god, when he towered over her like that it’s no wonder how he’s one of the tallest guys in the school.
“Oh but I could never hurt my little Kasey~” He pinched her cheeks whilst saying it like he’s talking to a baby, annoying, handsome and popular, how she hasn't asked him out yet is beyond me.
“Agh Dan! You’re such a tease… Just go annoy someone else okay? I’m talking to Aya, not you!”
“But how can I when you’re being so adorable right now~”
“Ah! Wait- Daniel—!” Dan places a hand on her back before picking her up and squeezing her tight, breaking all her bones in the process, just kidding, not all of them anyway.
“Ouch ouch ouch! Too tight! Wait… Hey! Are you touching my ass?!”
“I would never~” He started to bounce her up and down like violently rocking a baby as she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck trying not to scream.
“I think that's our cue to leave…” We then slowly creeped out to one of the benches, I could faintly hear Dan say “You mind if I bench press you real quick?” and a loud “NO!” in the distance.

“Hey, maybe Kasey's right… I mean, what if this causes a fight between our friends and we can't hang out anymore?” Aya wants to avoid conflict, although I'd prefer us to be alone together, it's for the best. “Yeah sure, actually, how about my friends and your friends all like, hang out together, it saves us from having them fight over not seeing us enough.”
“That's a good idea! I like how you think Harry~” She rested her chin in her hands. I wonder what she's thinking about right now.

“I can't believe we kissed!” “Are we dating now?” “Does he love me back?” These thoughts constantly interrupted any logical reasoning. I mean how can he just sit there so nonchalantly when we’ve kissed twice and I gave him a handjob?! Maybe this is just normal for him… I should talk to Kasey about this later.