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Posted by: SetAsync - 09-02-2021, 02:47 PM - Forum: Other - No Replies


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Wink LOG 2 13/1/34 (Hunnain)
Posted by: LongDongSilver - 04-29-2021, 06:59 PM - Forum: Featured - Replies (2)

"Oh screw this, I'm running," Hunnain clenched her teeth and used all the power in her year 7 cross country legs and sprinted out of the petrol station, leaving her car to be crushed by the creature's behemoth of a leg.

"Wh- What the hell?!" The spherical creature lifted its leg from the now destroyed car and once again moved it to her location, ready to crush her. She shrieked and quickly slid away from its grasp, she ran away and hid behind a nearby shopping district. Its heavy footsteps echoed around the area as it scanned its surroundings to find her. Hunnain went to this area on purpose though, she had plans to meet up with someone.
Already out of breath Hunnain had finally made it to the McDonald's restaurant Scott asked her to meet up at (get it because his last name is MacDonald please don't kill me Scott đŸ€€đŸ˜«).

Not even looking behind her she dashed through the doors and looked up to see Scott sitting on the table near the window looking at his phone.

"Scoooooott~~!!!" Hunnain ran open armed to Scott greeting him with a bear hug but then stopped by a finger being flicked at her forehead.

"Keep your voice down, we could've been killed by one of those gigantic mechanical spiders crawling around." He sighed, not surprised by Hunnain's sudden affection.
"Oww-- Ok sorry
 But what are those things? One of them crushed my car with one of its legs, it could've killed me!"

"Well I think- wait what the hell are you wearing??" Scott's eyes went wide looking Hunnain up and down in her outfit.
"It's a looong story that I don't have time to explain
"I get that, but seriously, a clown costume? That's what you've resorted to working as? A clown?" Scott was in disbelief.

"Forget about it, also these monsters might be the reason why there's no one in Stourbridge right now. I mean, I thought they got you too, Hunnain
" Scott looked at Hunnain with a worried expression.

"Ah don't worry about me! I overslept for my shift at work and by the time I made it to the house; no one was there, but there was a large puddle of blood and above it looked like those monsters used those claws of theirs and-"

"-grabbed the person right where they stood," Scott finished Hunnain's sentence,"Although it might be hard to believe; do you think they've wiped out the planet completely?"

"Well that could be a possibility
" Hunnain shuddered at the thought of being one of the last people on Earth. "But who knows, there could still be a small number of other survivors like you and me, maybe we just need to find them."

"Optimistic as always," Scott chuckled, it was nice for him to meet an old friend after so long, especially if everyday might be their last. "Anyway we should get going, maybe those 'other survivors' have already taken all the food and supplies we're gonna need to stay alive." Hunnain nodded as Scott stood up and Hunnain followed after him out of the now empty McDonald's.

(Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, the whole club, was looking at her)

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  LOG 4 5/4/34
Posted by: bigscarystrongman - 03-24-2021, 10:13 PM - Forum: Science Fiction - Replies (1)

"He's dead he has to be" someone said.

"no look he's waking up" another jumped in.

He glanced around at unfamiliar faces all of them showing different emotions. 
"you took down that walker" an old man he smiled and a thousand wrinkles moved as he did.

"It was pretty stupid you know blowing up that thing" A woman looked at him with a frown 

"while you were on top of it." a small boy with shaggy hair and dirty clothes seemed unamused

The man sat up and jumped out of his bed causing great pain because of the burns. He darted out the small house and looked at the wreckage there houses were damaged the ground was greatly ruptured and distorted and in the centre of the village was the corpse of the great beast the hull was ripped apart the eye was popped and burst the flesh was burnt and the legs were falling apart and broken.

"hey, hey" "what are you doing?" the old man was stood behind him
"and whats your name?"

do you have a car here?"

the old man replied aprehensivley "yes we have a few"

"I need one to get to kiddiminster"

"ill give you one just don't tell the others"

The two mean snuck behind one of the buildings where an old van was positioned.
"It has half a tank of fuel theres also a makeshift spear and a medkit in the back"

"I cant thank you enough"

the old man looked at the ground in sorrow "I was in kidderminster when it all started i watched my own son get killed by a creature with 100 hands on it's back"

"I'd hate that to be your fate"

"I'm sorry"

"don't be"

"get going now anyway you should try and get there before sundown so you can find a safe place to sleep"

Oscar got in the car the rusty gear stick clanked when it moved and the engine was loud and clunky. His dog jumped in the back.

He left for kidderminster. scared. but he needed more medical supplies.

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Video LOG 3 4/4/34
Posted by: bigscarystrongman - 03-23-2021, 10:34 PM - Forum: Science Fiction - No Replies

The next morning he woke to sounds of distant screaming and rumbling. He slept under a tree with decent cover from rain. Then he picked up his things and stood up waking up his dog in the process deciding that it was a good idea to go and see the commotion. As he traveled closer to the noise he saw more and more destruction to the landscape large footprints, unearthed trees and torn up ground. This could have only been the work of that creature he witnessed yesterday. He followed the trail of destruction further and further the screams and rumbles getting increasingly more intense and painful to hear. Until he came to a settlement of survivors being attacked by the beast crushing people and damaging buildings. He rushed over and decided to help. He found a wounded man crawling around near a pile of rubble; he pulled him up and asked 

"What the hell happened here?" 

the wounded man brushed himself off speedily and with a look of terror screamed "What do you think happened? that thing came from atop the hill in a frenzy trying to eat us!"

the man pondered as he realised that this was his fault. He looked at the man again with a hint of excitement in his eye and exclaimed "I have a plan"

He then ran towards the hulking behemoth pulling out a box of matches and his trusty knife from his pocket. The creature was already damaged by a myriad of projectiles all he had to do was finish it off right?. the ground was uneven and dangerous but his dog showed the way soon he found him self at the monsters feet once again and cut straight into them; the beast fell to the ground - its feet crippled - giving the man time to climb up on top of the sphere. The beast brought itself back up - during this the man started unscrewing the valve on one of the hydrogen tanks. The monster tried to shake him off more and more but only threw it self off balance. He then turned the valve for one last time until it came off and started to light the match 1, 2, 3, nothing. the match didn't light. 1, 2, 3, fire burst from the match as he threw it in the hydrogen and jumped.

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  Day 1: January 13th 2034,The end of the ####### world
Posted by: Itisashers - 03-23-2021, 06:57 PM - Forum: Science Fiction - Replies (1)

So the world ended, lovely I was just enjoying my morning  with a lovely cuppa with 2 sugars and semi skimmed milk as you do and boom I see a creature rip my Neighbours out there window and eaten them in one bite but this wasn’t a deer or something it had multiple arms of various lengths you could see it’s skin and bones yet it had mechanical splinters poking out of its skin it was massive yet very agile. So I hopped in my truck piled all my stuff in to the boot and I was on the road so now I’m in the back of my truck with a can of lynx deodorant, couple of spare clothes, my favourite mug from little nico, an axe and a note book to keep me sane. The plan is to go back to hagley set up shop there and find other survivors lord have mercy.

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  Last Diary 1// 12/1/34
Posted by: Sco_411 - 03-21-2021, 09:23 PM - Forum: Featured - Replies (2)

Man, I've had this journal for 14 years. Must have procrastinated hard if 75% of this is blank. Though it does remind me of the good old days, 'Rona and all. I'm 29 now, really been 9 years since I moved back near I lived from before year 6. Feels good to be back, even now. I've even kept in contact with really old friends. News today is scarce. I'll add more later. Dam I need sleep man. I wish things were better in those days. Always arguing, was pretty funny though. I'm going to visit Hunnain tomorrow. It'll be nice to meet an old friend.

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  LOG 2 3/4/34
Posted by: bigscarystrongman - 03-21-2021, 08:23 PM - Forum: Science Fiction - No Replies

LOG 2 3/4/34
He speedily slip himself under a rock it was cold and dark but it was better than being eaten alive. Although he noticed that bowie wasn't there he was still out in the open with the grotesque monster closing in.

"bowie" he whispered 

"bowie' he whispered in more desperation as the beast came closer 

But the dog didn't move he stood looking at it, petrified
'What do I do what do I do what do I do"

the beast was now close enough to grab the dog with it's large toes and it was at this point where he realised the true horror of the it: Its's legs were long and thin attached by a bolt at the knee the sphere was made of scrap metal loosely held together by a inconsistent and incomplete set of uneven out of place bolts. Blood was dripping out the uneven gaps. On the sides there were two large hydrogen canisters welded tightly. On top of the sphere there was a fleshy deposit of skin leading up to a scaly stalk where the large eye was attached and was currently a fully open bleeding mouth.

But in this time the dog hadn't moved and the toes were right around it's torso. The man darted out from under the rock and pulled out his rusty swiss army knife and striked the fleshy toe of the beast. It recoiled in disgust and shook off it's foot. The mouth reverted back to the large eye looking at the man and his dog and leaving in a hurry.

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  RE: LOG 1 13/1/34 backstory (Hunnain)
Posted by: LongDongSilver - 03-21-2021, 07:42 PM - Forum: Featured - No Replies

This post was featured by @SetAsync, congratulations.

"I'm gonna be so late fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck-" Hunnain quickly jumped up from her bed and grabbed her work uniform, she had a session booked for 8 o'clock and although she woke up before that; getting 'ready' takes alot of time.

She walked outside and jumped into her car whilst tweaking the car mirror to face her direction, noticing a patch of her white foundation didn't cover a part of her contrasting darker brown skin and quickly blended it in with her finger.

Stomping down onto the acceleration pedal she sped down the street opening her GPS to the location whilst trying to keep her eyes on the road and not get into a car accident. On the way to the house she noticed there wasn't as much traffic as the usual morning rush hour she knows all too well, it felt abandoned, almost forgotten.

But being an optimist was her specialty, and it's in her job description to keep a happy atmosphere no matter where she was. So, that's what she'll do.

Finally arriving at her location she adjusted her appearance and grew a smile on her face, she walked up to the front door and spotted multiple rainbow coloured balloons taped to the door as she pressed the doorbell button.

Ding dong, ding dong.

No answer.

"Hm," she thought, "have they overslept too?" The door creaked open revealing party streamers hung up on the walls and a hallway leading up to the dining table with a blue, car themed birthday cake laying beside plates of food like pizza, burgers and fries, just the usual junk you would eat on your birthday. Only difference was it was all cold and untouched, "Damn the door was wide open, someone could have easily got in but, am I a bit later than I thought?"

She walked into the house and glanced around the hallway, pictures of the family she assumed were the people she was supposed to be seeing speckled all over the walls, some of them next to famous monuments like the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and even the pyramids of Giza.


She looked down to see a large puddle of red blood on the hardwood floor, still wet. Luckily, Hunnain wasn't the squeamish type and only thought about where the source of this blood is, and if they're still breathing. She then looked up to see a large patch of the ceiling had been removed, bits of broken concrete fell ever so often and from the bizarre placement of the hole, it seemed like a human was not the cause of this.

Starting to feel concerned she ran out the house, started her car up again and drove down to the nearest petrol station. Although it was clearly empty she shouted out: "Uh hello? Is anyone alive around here? Or was there some emergency lockdown I wasn't informed about?"

Droplets of sweat rolled down her face, being this alone was not something she was particularly fond of, and honestly, who would be in this situation?


From the distance she could hear the noise of something approaching her. Not the quietest either, someone with heavy prosthetic legs maybe? Still, it could be someone else who was actually alive in the petrol station hellhole.

Rushing outside she looked up to see a large spherical monster towering over her on its spindly metallic legs with holes in its body presumably used like gills for breathing and a long tentacle on the top of the body-like shape spun around to see her with a large eyeball attached to the tip, staring through her soul with a line going straight across it, only for the eyeball itself to open and reveal dozens of rows of laser sharp teeth and a river of drool exit its mouth in a sort of hunger, a thirst.

(it's a beautiful da- dayuuuum look at my fucking foreheaaaad- fuck, that motherfucker gon troll go gago)

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Lightbulb What should I write about?
Posted by: SetAsync - 03-21-2021, 12:21 AM - Forum: General - Replies (3)

1: Sex With A Ghost - Partially NSFW "Fantasy" story.
2: Swept Ashore

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Shocked LOG 1 3/4/34
Posted by: bigscarystrongman - 03-20-2021, 10:06 PM - Forum: Featured - Replies (6)

LOG 1 3/4/34
This post was featured 20/03/2021. Congratulations on the first "feature" of this site. - @SetAsync

He woke up last night. He slept under a damp rock and took a sip of water from his frying pan he gave the rest to his dog ,Bowie, he brushed a small amount of moss of his shoulder. He stood up on the moor; it was on ominous misty day the ground was wet and soft and the air was biting and cold. He walked down the dirt path near to where he slept and walked down it. After walking for a while he noticed large footprints in the soil. He walked some while longer across the moors of malvern. coming across a small shack destroyed by one of the large footprints- confused - It was at this point that bowie started sniffing. All of the hairs on the back of his head pricked up as a large trembling ruptured the landscape. Coming over the hill was a 40ft tall stalker... It had three fleshy ,spindly legs holding up a large metalic sphere with a stalk coming out the top of it. Suddenly, the stalk hunched over to reveal a large eye and it was focused at the man. The middle of the eye started to bleed and a split in the eye became apparent the eye split in two and revealed a mouth dripping with blood and the feet of the abomination started to move. Running seemed like the only option.

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